From a young age I have lived with headaches and neck pain, but it was only when I had an acute episode of lower back pain from a bulging disc that I realised I needed to change my life.  I went to a physiotherapist who introduced me to Pilates and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it made me feel. In a short amount of time, I noticed I was feeling so much stronger from what felt like the inside out.   After every class I felt calmer and as if I had achieved a whole hour of rest from my worrying mind.

I became fascinated by how Pilates made me feel so much better, both physically and mentally.  I began to focus on how I moved my body and think about which muscles were working together to achieve movement.  I wanted to understand more about how we breathe and why this affects our parasympathetic system (the relaxation part of our nervous system).

So I left my full-time career in finance and began to study anatomy so I could understand more.   This led me to study in London to become a qualified Stott Pilates Instructor which was the start of my journey in finding different ways of moving to feel better.  I have been teaching for the last 4 years at Barefoot Pilates and Purely Pilates in Hove.  These wonderful studios have enabled me to surround myself with great teachers and clients, helping me grow and learn how each person can feel movement differently.  What feels wonderful for one person does not always feel right for another and I am passionate about finding different ways of helping clients find the right movement for them.

My classes are challenging but always have options depending on individual need.  I focus on finding ways of relating our thoughts, our breath and our movement to one another so that our mind and body can work in sync. Clients leave the class feeling stronger, calmer, more balanced and energised.

When we moved to Steyning I decided to take the opportunity to build my own studio at our home on Upper Maudlyn Farm.  The Studio is a calm and peaceful space with amazing views, lots of room for distancing and windows on every wall to ensure good air circulation.  We have underfloor heating which makes such a difference to being able to completely let go and not feel distracted by cold feet.

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“I’m always amazed by how great I feel after your classes, they’re just lovely.”

Monique, 35

“I’m always amazed by how great I feel after your classes, they’re just lovely”

Monique, 35