Hill View Pilates is a peaceful retreat nestled in the heart of the South Downs, 5 minutes from Steyning & Bramber.

It is a spacious, light & airy studio with beautiful views and free parking outside, making it easily accessible to all.

My name is Helen and I fell in love with Pilates when it freed me from my acute lower back pain after the birth of our twins Hettie & Seb.  The remarkable effects Pilates has had on my life sparked in me a passion to be able to help others cope with chronic pain and develop core strength.

Our aim is to ensure clients feel they have worked hard in a class but within a safe range of movement for their body.  People come away feeling calmer, more energised, stronger and leaner.

We have 3 teachers here at Hill View, Emily, Steve and myself.  Between us we have a wealth of experience working with different conditions and injuries, working closely with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other medical health professionals to ensure continuity of care.


PRIVATE 1-1 & -2


PRIVATE 1-1 & 1-2


“Helen’s classes have so much variety and I always feel challenged.  She instructs with clear, concise explanations and has a calming teaching voice.   I always feel better and more lengthened after her classes.”

Kate, 41

“Helen is incredibly supportive and creates a brilliant atmosphere in her classes.”

David, 45

I have known Helen for 3 years now and she is an incredible instructor, she really provokes thought about how one’s body moves.  I feel stronger, more mindful and in control of my body.’

Karen, 55